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My Red She Hulk at LFCC 2012, London Olympia :)

Photos by my friend Lee and Josh

Thank to everyone who spurred me on to wear this, this weekend. I was terrified ><

P.S I know I need more gym time. MY BODY WASN’T READY D:

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    Oh my god! Have you guys seen this?! This looks awsm!
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    You LOOK AMAZING!!! Great job!!! :)
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  6. thegahstly1 said: Shrulk wins. That is all.
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    Doesn’t matter about gym time, that looks freakin awesome!!!
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    Screw more gym time, you look amazing!
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    mah best friend in her awesome she hulk :D
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    Magic man is disapoint in not having a defender’s semi-group but, you looked great :)
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    MY fucking AWESOME girlfriend! XD
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